Changes in daily life are changing both consumer and brand behavior.

We’ve designed a focused Consulting Service to pave the way forward for eCommerce after COVID-19.

600% increase

in Carrefour’s China food deliveries (eMarketer)

90% increase

in Italy’s eCommerce in March 2020

218% increase

of downloads of Instacart App (Apptopia)

160% increase

of downloads
of Walmart
Grocery App

Change is needed to pave the way forward for eCommerce after COVID-19.

We believe The Motley Fool says it best:
“I’m Declaring Amazon the Winner of 2020’s COVID-19 Contagion. Capitalizing on the unusual situation, the e-Commerce powerhouse has vastly widened its customer net. It’s difficult to believe right now, but there will come a time when the novel coronavirus nightmare is nothing but a fading memory. People will go back to their actual workplaces. Consumers will set foot in stores again. Things will return to normal. The time between now and then, however, is either an opportunity or a curse. Some companies are crumbling under the pressure, while others are setting the stage for a business boom coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon is not only one of the latter, but perhaps the organization best positioned to see a permanent benefit from what it’s doing right now to deal with the situation.”

COVID-19 eCommerce Action Plan

We have developed this rapid engagement specifically to address eCommerce challenges and opportunities that businesses are encountering due to COVID-19.

Our holistic approach covers key current business needs such as ensuring stakeholder alignment on the way forward, making relevant business decisions based on data and insights, and delivering the best possible customer experience of your brand.

The output of the engagement is a recommended short-term action plan and longer-term vision to address the impact of COVID-19 on your eCommerce business.

Examples of topics we cover include:

  • Guidelines for merchandising decisions such as SKU selection, pricing and promotion
  • Optimizing your brand and product advertising strategies based on fluctuations in supply and demand
  • Adapting your eCommerce channel mix, including adding or rationalizing third-party channels
  • Monitoring and reporting on eCommerce operations and business performance
  • How to communicate effectively with customers about changes due to COVID-19

Together, let’s set the stage for growth. Together, let’s redefine your brand’s digital path forward.